Family Internet Safety

Family Internet Safety

Keep in touch with the people important to your family's well-being, but do it safely.
Get Family Privacy Mail Today.

The internet can be a risky place for children and adults alike. Family Privacy Mail makes it easy to keep track of who is in communication with your family, by making them create an account on your family's personal secure messaging site and verify their identity and IP address before any information is transmitted. You decide who can communicate securely with you and your family through the internet and we do the rest to keep that information protected.

Family Privacy Mail gives you and your family a fast, reliable, and secure method of communicating with teachers, caregivers, pastors, spiritual advisors, other parents, caregivers, doctors, relatives, babysitters, estate planners, and financial consultants. You can also send and receive important passwords, passcodes (for example, for home access), and any personally identifying information, such as email addresses, account numbers, behavior reports, prescription information, phone numbers, wills or legal documents, plans, photos, family history information, scans of birth certificates, and intellectual property.

It's an affordable, family-friendly, web-based, sharing solution offering robust, up-to-date, industry-standard encryption for communicating with anyone. We are not affiliated with big companies mirroring your data all over "the cloud." The data is stored locally at our data center, and on in-house backups, which are made nightly. Just like the big boys, we make your data available to you and your family from anywhere. We can match their uptime and often beat it. Link your Family Privacy Mail system to your private family website, and share your subscription with your children's teachers, doctors, and other family members, and insist they use it to keep confidential information affecting your children and family safe.

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